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vanguards roadmap


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Here at Vanguards HQ, we are passionate about delivering a futuristic landscape, strictly reserved for our holders. We plan to expand the Vanguards ecosystem well beyond our PFP Avatars by exclusively rewarding our holders with exciting events, both online and in real life. We want to evolve our futuristic universe with you, therefore we will host community polls and adjust our roadmap where necessary when the DAO decides what direction the project should go in. We wish to have a global impact by building something unique and extraordinary!

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Q1 of 2022


Towards the middle of Q1, we plan to release strategic partnerships with distinguished personalities and projects within the Solana NFT Community, to not only innovate but build integrity around our brand. At Vanguards we believe the 'NFT Gaming' and 'Customisable Attributes' are the next major move for NFT collections. Projects like Aurory have paved the way by showing us what a simple Profile-Picture project can develop into. Seeking partnerships with leading, world-class projects and developers will help bring Vanguard’s visions to life!

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Q1 TO Q4 2022


The integration of Vanguards into the upcoming Metaverses on both Solana and Ethereum will be a major push, as across-chain notoriety will be important to establish a recognizable global brand, and Vanguards will actively persue new and exciting Layer-1 Blockchains as they develop and evolve. This will be a huge monetization push for Vanguards, as it invites more users to interact with our project across multiple environments. 

The establishment of the Vanguard DAO will be an important feature we wish to implement immediately after mint to determine all future decisions. Council members will be selected based on their eminence and community involvement.


2022 Releases


Early 2022, we will release the $GUARD SPL token onto the Solana Blockchain, where the liquidity will be fueled from a portion of Vanguard NFT royalties and minting proceeds. This will be airdropped to all NFT holders once $GUARD has been created. All royalties will be held in the community treasury wallet, controlled entirely by the Vanguard DAO after liquidity for our token has been allocated.


-Build a rarity tool for each individual asset and class, and integrate it into our website and Discord server.
-Collaborations with established, blue-chip Solana NFT projects and DAOs to establish integrity and positivity around Vanguards.
-Plan a fighting protocol to challenge your opposition. The winning player will keep the losing sides NFT. They can decide to burn both to use the attributes and integrate them into one.

ongoing developments

Seasonal loot drops 



Weapons &


Our dynamic attribute system will be a major difference when comparing Vanguards to other full-body NFTs.

Using a 'burn and build' method, you will be able to purchase/receive weapons or armour and swap them with your existing attributes. This works by sending the newly acquired attribute and your existing Vanguard NFT to the 'build address'. The mech engineers will manually 'burn' your current NFT and 're-mint' it with the new parts.

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New items will be sold through a Holaplex auction or airdropped to lucky holders seasonally, keeping the Vanguards ecosystem vibrant and ever-changing. These items could be added straight to your current NFT or resold on the Secondary Market.  Seasonal attribute drops will add an exciting element to Vanguard's, as Holders can continue to customise their existing war machines by either purchasing them or acquiring them through a 'mint address lottery'.  Holders will need to withdraw their NFTs from the secondary market before the lottery takes place to ensure their address is added to the draw. These 'loot drops' will be announced via our Discord and Twitter.

Explore Vanguards unique set of attributes! 



A rarity tool for each individual asset will be integrated into our website and Discord server.

fusion chamber


The Fusion Chamber will be used to evolve your Vanguard and create your dream war machine.

Our dynamic attribute system will be a major difference when comparing Vanguards to other full-body NFTs.

The Vanguards team are building a ‘build and burn’ method, where holders will be able to forge new Vanguards by mixing existing combinations. Your custom war machine will emerge from the fusion chamber once complete!

In the future, Vanguards will then have the ability to enter the Fusion Chamber, where you can continually experiment with new parts to create unique combinations of elite soldiers to prepare for missions & battle.

  • Hyper deflationary NFT due to our burning mechanism.

  • Same-Faction Fusion will be used to choose your favourite parts, and merge your Vanguards to create your war machine!

  • Parts can be received or bought via staking, airdrops, fusion chamber, part store or in the fighting platform.

  • There is no limit on the number of evolutions or fusions you may complete with your Vanguard, the missions will continually change and therefore, so should your fleet.

Each Vanguard soldier will have an class which will go towards their mission eligibility:

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